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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure upon which to build business logics, much like the Internet. It leverages existing technology to build something new -- the ability to transfer value without the need for trust or intermediaries.

Augmented and Artificial

We have moved beyond the goal of trying to make machines just seem human and on to a more creative task: leveling up both machine and human intelligence to superhuman cognitive capabilities.

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things means machines are the next consumer class. Since 2008 there have been more devices online than people. Now is the time to learn how to build not just toward a world of greater machinery, but for a world of greater machinery.

Digital Platforms

Valets, taxi cabs, house cleaning services, and last mile deliveries of nearly all goods are being “uber-ized” at an alarming rate. Layer in machine learning, smart algorithms, and autonomous supply chains - and the digital platforms of tomorrow are going to look radically different. Is your organization ready?

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